Upcoming film "Bhediya" starring Varun Dhawan will release on Nov 25

By- Ravi

The Bhediya trailer has been released, and the film will be released in theatres on November 25.

In the film, Varun Dhawan will play the leading role. The name of Varun's character is Bhaskar.

Kriti will be seen in the role of a doctor in the film, in 'Bhediya' the character of the actress is named Dr. Anika.

The film is directed by Amar Kaushik, whose previous works include Stree (2018) and Bala (2001). (2019).

Bhediya stars Deepak Dobriyal, Abhishek Banerjee and Palin Kabak apart from Kriti and Varun.

The comedy horror film Bhediya is scheduled to be released in November.

According to the trailer, Varun is going to be seen in the character of Bhediya.

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