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Saroj Ka Rishta Download [4K, HD, 1080p 480p, 720p] Review

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Saroj Ka Rishta Download 4K, HD, 1080p 480p, 720p Review : ‘The girl should be beautiful, polite and virtuous, should be efficient in family work, should be slim and fair.’ These are the boundaries, which are first seen in a girl’s relationship.

Although the thinking like ‘every girl is special, human being’ is being spread for a long time, but ignoring this, girls usually become victims of indigestion and when it comes to the relationship of fat girls, parents have an alternative is the basis. The lead Abhishek Saxena’s film Saroj Ka Rishta Download revolves around this idea.

Saroj Ka Rishta Download Important Point

director Abhishek Saxena
Story Deepak Kapur Bhardwaj
produced by Anmol Kapoor Nazia Siddiqui Narendra Garg Raman Kapoor
starring Sanah Kapoor Kumud Mishra Kritika Awasthi Gaurav Pandey Randeep Rai
cinematography Vasudev Rane
edited by Paresh Manjrekar
music by Number:
Rahul Jail
Raees and Zain Sam
Vicky Agarwal
Ambi Abhi Productions
Ana Productions
kapoor movies
release date 16 September 2022
Country India
Language Hindi

Story of ‘Saroj Ka Rishta’

The story of the film Saroj Ka Rishta Download is of Saroj (Sana Kapoor), who is no matter how heavy, no matter how relaxed about her weight. There is a father in the house in the form of Mada (Kumud Mishra), for whom his girl is his favourite. Saroj roams a lot not only in her house but in her entire area.


She also thinks for a moment about beating up a nearby goon who is illegally collecting gifts, then also stands up for her cousins ​​at home. Even though Saroj is her number one and doesn’t want to improve her weight, yet the story takes a turn when one day out of nowhere she spots the love of her young life, Vikram (Randeep Rai) on the street. matrimony online site

Download Saroj Ka Rishta [4K, HD, 1080p 480p, 720p] Review

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Saroj Ka Rishta Movie Download

Saroj’s life has now got another mission. She prepares herself to transform and marry to the tune of the charming Vikram. By then gym coach Shantanu (Gaurav Pandey) has already given his heart to her, but Saroj doesn’t see his love.


To attract Vikram, Saroj sets up a profile with her partner along with her slim trim picture, however things go awry when Vikram arrives in Ghaziabad from Canada without illuminating her. What will Saroj do now? Will you hide your lies or reveal your reality? To know this, you have to watch Saroj Ka Rishta download movie.

Review of ‘Saroj Ka Rishta’

There is no doubt that this film by director Abhishek Saxena has been made with a very good purpose. However, considering that they would have worked a little more on their story and characters, Saroj Ka Rishta Download Movie would have turned out to be better, in spite of that, Saroj Ka Rishta Download Movie knows how to deliver a message with diversions in several parts.

While the first half of the movie Saroj Ka Rishta Download is quick and tomfoolery, the story turns a bit boring towards the end. Saroj Ka Rishta download movie while on one hand takes a jibe at the young women who are interested in changing themselves for the marriage of their choice, on the other hand it also takes a parody of those who want a thin girl for marriage. Even though the runtime of Saroj ka rishta download movie has been reduced.


Of the many songs in the film Saroj Ka Rishta Download, only Sonu Nigam’s ‘Hajiri Laaye Dil’ is remembered. As far as acting is concerned, Sana Kapoor has given life to her work. Her effortless acting breathes life into the movie Saroj Ka Rishta Download, although the acceptance of her persona should have been stronger.

Kumud Mishra in the role of a generous and caring father to his daughter has parallels with his personality. Gaurav Pandey has been very good in his persona, but Randeep Rai lacks screen space. The personality of the partner and partner turns.


Neelu Kohli’s charm in aunt’s work. Binod does a lot of defamation of the Panchayat as a partner. Saroj Ka Rishta Download Movie features the voice of famous actress Supriya Pathak, Supriya is also playing the role of her real daughter Sana’s mother in Saroj Ka Rishta Download Movie. Despite this, his presence is limited to an image tightly gripping the wall and a scene.

Trailer of ‘Saroj Ka Rishta’

Saroj Ka Rishta Download is the fourth movie of Shahid Kapoor’s sister Sana Kapoor. Sana looked totally agreeable on screen. The story of the film begins with Sana like Saroj Sharma. Saroj lives with her family in Ghaziabad near Delhi. Saroj Ka Rishta Download Shortly after the film begins, the protagonist Gaurav Pandey becomes infatuated with her from the very beginning.

The legend does not matter what size and shape the person for whom passionate feelings are experienced. In the web series Panchayat 2, Binod will be seen motivating you to become a companion of the veteran. Sana’s real mother Supriya Pathak has lent her voice in the movie Saroj Ka Rishta Download and she also plays her mother in the movie Saroj Ka Rishta Download.

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This set of father and little girl will make deep

The story moves forward and Kumud Mishra looks ideal in the role of Saroj’s father. This father-daughter duo will make your heart melt. That’s because the father doesn’t care if the girl’s age is increasing, or the girl’s weight is increasing, he will marry her to the same boy whose girl Saroj likes.

At present Saroj likes the NRI group of a school. Saroj arrives at Legend’s gym to fall in love with him. Now to know what happens to Saroj, legend ki dal galegi kaisi hogi, you have to watch Saroj Ka Rishta download movie.

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Kumud Mishra is chilling in his father’s job. Assuming they excite you in certain places, they will make your eyes watery. Sana Kapoor is wonderful but she will require some investment to gain traction in acting. Gaurav Pandey put in a lot of effort to set up the variety and he was successful to some extent.

Talking about the ambient sound, it was Saroj Ka Rishta from the movie Download. The tunes carried the story forward. The most serious issue of Saroj Ka Rishta download movie is its last part. You will be stunned to know about what happened after watching the main scene after the spawn. Anticipating the story from here is by no means a difficult task, but at the same time you have the advantage of knowing what will happen immediately.

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