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Freddy Download Filmyzilla 720p, 480p, 300MB and 900M movie leaked online

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With the release of Freddy Download film on Hotstar, it has been leaked online by pirated film downloading websites and Telegram channels from where people are able to download it in 300MB, 900MB, 700MB and 1GB. Apart from this, the piracy movie downloading website has been uploaded for download in 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p.

People are able to download Freddy movies for free from piracy movie downloading websites. But we want to request you not to download Freddy movie from piracy websites because it causes a lot of loss to the filmmaking company. In today’s post, I am going to give you all the information about Freddy Download film, so read carefully below, you will get all the information.

Freddy Download film is produced by Balaji Balaji Motion Pictures, NH Studioz and Northern Lights Film Company. This film has been released on Disney + Hotstar on 2 December 2022. Karthik Aryan is in the lead role in this film. This film has been directed by Shashanka Ghosh. This film has been released on the OTT platform Disney Plus Hotstar instead of being released in cinemas, where you can watch it online and download it if needed.

Freddy Download FilmyZilla 720p, 480p Leaked Online in HD Quality

The story and screenplay of Freddy Download movie are written by Parveez Shaikh, and the same dialogue is written by Aseem Arora. This film has just been released in Hindi language only but soon this film will be dubbed in other languages Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada by Disney Plus Hotstar.

This Freddy Download film released in the Hindi language has been linked to the piracy website. Due to being leaked, this film is available for download for free. The movie that has been leaked on the piracy website is in different sizes like 400MB, 900MB, and 700MB full HD.

Director Shashanka Ghosh
Story Parveez Shaikh
Dialogues Aseem Arora
Produced by Ekta Kapoor
Shobha Kapoor
Jay Shewakramani
Gaurav Bose
camera Ayananka Bose
Edited by Chandan Arora

This Freddy Download film is produced by Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor, Jay Shewakramani and Gaurav Bose. It was informed about this film in July 2021 that Karthik Aryan will play the lead role in this film. Ever since the film has been released, many people have appreciated the work of Karthik Aryan, who is seen in a different role.


If you want to watch Freddy Download movie, then you can watch it by going to Disney Plus Hotstar. We would like to request that you should never watch this movie from a movie downloading website, because if you download Freddy Download movie from a pirated website then it causes a lot of loss to the film production company. Apart from this, action can also be taken under copyright rules for downloading Freddy Download movies from piracy movie downloading websites.

The shooting of Freddy Download film started on 4 August 2021 and the film shooting was completed on 29 September 2021. After that the work on the post-production of this film started, after which the filmmakers released the release date of this film. Not only this, but Karthik Aryan has also told about the release of this film on Instagram.


The story of Freddy Download movie is about a dentist doctor whose name is Freddy, the girl does not give much importance to Freddy and the doctor is also afraid to talk to girls, Freddy is not normal because of his past, the same Freddy girl for marriage. For this, he takes the help of the marriage bureau too. Freddy wants to get married and settle down but he is not able to find a life partner.
One day a girl sees the doctor and she likes it, that girl also reaches the doctor to get her teeth treated, but Kainaz is married, and then the story progresses.

Because Kainaz is already married, it is not easy to meet the doctor and one day both get ready for marriage, after that the doctor decides to remove Kainaz’s husband for his love, and then a murder happens with a lot of twists. What you do not expect, do not be afraid, even Dr Freddy can commit a murder, you do not think, which surprises you after happening.


After the death of Kainaz’s husband, Freddy feels that Kainaz is now his and dreams of marrying her, but the twist in the tale comes when Freddy learns that Kainaz used him to get her husband killed. After that, the story of revenge begins.

Freddy does everything to take revenge for his insult, money, punishment, discrimination, everything. Freddy thinks of taking revenge even after Canaz does not say sorry, after which he starts making a plan to take revenge on Cana. Will Doctor Freddy be able to take revenge or to know you will have to watch the Freddy Download movie?

Actor Kartik Aaryan
Actres Alaya F
Score: Clinton Cerejo
Songs: Pritam
companies Balaji Motion Pictures
NH StudiozNorthern Lights Film

Freddy Movie Song Download

There are 3 songs in Freddy Download movie, the first one being “Kala Jadoo”. This movie is sung by Ajit Singh and Nikita Gandhi. This “Kala Jadoo” song was released on YouTube on 11 November 2022. The second song “Tum Jo Milo” was released on YouTube on 21 November, sung by Abhijeet Srivastava and Shreya Fufa. written by Irshad Kamil

1. “काला जादू” अरिजीत सिंह , निकिता गांधी 3:36
2. “तुम जो मिलो” अभिजीत श्रीवास्तव, श्रेया फुकन 3:25
3. “तुझसे प्यार करता हूँ” राघव चैतन्य 2:35

A poster of Freddy movie released

The first official poster of Freddy Download film was released by Karthik Aryan and Alaya Ebrahim Furniturewala on Instagram on 28 October 2022. The same second poster was released on 17 November 2022, after which the reaction of many people started coming. With the release of the poster, it was said that the film will be Karthik Aryan’s most unique film. With the release of the poster, people were eagerly waiting to download or watch the Karthik Aryan movie online.


As I told you in the beginning that the film has also been written on the piracy website, so you people download Freddy Download film from the official website and not from the piracy website. For your information, let me tell you that downloading a movie from a piracy website or watching it online is an illegal offence and you can be punished for it. Apart from this, there is a provision for punishment as well as acceptable, so Funzee.com requests you to always watch the film from the official website

You will also get to see Freddy Download movie in 300MB 700MB and 900MB on Disney Plus Hotstar. Not only this, but according to your mobile resolution, the download and online viewing facility is available in 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p and 4K Full HD from where you can easily download. And can watch on your mobile laptop desktop or TV. And for this you will not need to go anywhere, you can watch ready movie download sitting at home.

Freddy movie review

Freddy Download film can be called the best performance of Karthik Aryan in his career because till now Karthik Aryan has been playing the role of a chocolaty hero. Have seen Karthik Aryan in chocolate and comedian roles in many films but in this film he has done something new.

The film has been given 4 out of five stars by Bollywood Hungama, The Free Press General, Financial Express, ABP and News News. And it was said that Ready would be one of the best performances of Karthik Aryan’s career. The same News18 has given all 3.5 stars to this film.

This film has been given 3 stars by Times of India, India Today, Filmfare and Pinkvilla, now you can watch this film on Disney Plus Hotstar according to your own opinion and review and tell us. How did you like this film and how many stars do you want to give?

Distributed by Disney+ Hotstar
Release date 2 December 2022
Running time 124 minutes

Freddy Movie Trailer

The trailer for Freddy Download movie was released on 7th November 2022. This movie featured Karthik Aryan in the lead role. This movie is a suspense thriller movie which will prove to be quite an interesting and thrilling double blame for the audience.

This film was leaked along with the release and not only this film. Movies like An Action Hero, India Lockdown, Khakee Download, Brahmastra OTT , Bhediya Download etc. were also piracy uploaded by movie downloading websites for download in Full HD 720 360 and 1080. In such a situation, due to leaks on the piracy website, people are able to download it for free.

The film is also available for download in 300MB 700MB 1GB and 2GB on the piracy website. But Vijay Solution requests you to always watch the movie only by visiting the official website. Because downloading a movie from a piracy movie downloading website can also cheat you and your device can also be hacked, so we request you not to download the movie from the first C website.

Many people download movies from the piracy website only because they can save time, apart from this, some people download Freddy Download movies from the piracy website in order to save money, after downloading the Freddy Download movie, people can use a mobile laptop desktop as per their convenience. Or you can watch it sitting at home on TV. And for that, they neither charge anything nor waste their time.

Freddy’s movie release date and time

Freddy Download film has been released on 2 December 2022 at 9:00 am on Disney Plus Hotstar. If you want to watch this film officially, then you can watch it by going to Disney Plus Hotstar. If you have a subscription to Hotstar, then you can watch online on your mobile TV laptop or desktop while sitting at home. Or if you want to download, then you can also download from the Hotstar app and you can watch whenever you want.

Freddy movie download telegram link

As I told you in the beginning that this film has been written by a lot of films downloading websites, as well as this film has also been leaked on Telegram, if you want to download this film in Telegram, you can do Whose link is given below but remember that you always have to watch the film by visiting the official website only because piracy or downloading or watching the film online is an illegal offence and for this, you can be punished as well as fined. The telegram link is given below for your convenience.

Join Telegram Download Telegram Channel

Freddy Movie Download Film District

If you want to download Freddy Download movie, then for your information, let me tell you that Freddy Download movie download has been made available for download in different quality on the movie downloading website. You can search with the help of Google, and you can download Freddy movie download on Google by typing Filmy District in 300MB 900MB 700MB 2GB or 1GB.


When you search Freddy Download movie on Google, you will find many websites where you will be able to download the movie in 360p 720p 1080p 240p or Full HD as per your convenience. You can watch for free on TV mobile laptop or laptop sitting at your home. But I want to tell you once again that downloading or watching movies from Freddy’s movie downloading website is illegal. And it comes under the Copyright Act for which you can be punished as well. So always download the movie from the official website

Vijaysolution.com know and follow the copyright act very well and we request our viewers to follow the copyright act and watch the movie by visiting the official website.

can Freddy movie watch with the family

yes Freddy movie can be watched with the family but children should not join because or movie is very violent and scary

who is the director of Freddy’s movie

Freddy’s film is directed by Shashank Ghosh.

who is the producer of Freddy’s movie

Freddy’s film is produced by Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor, Jay Shewakramani and Gaurav Bose.

What date is the movie Freddy movie released?

Freddy’s movie will be released on December 2

Which company made Freddy’s movie

Freddy’s film is produced by Balaji Motion Picture and Studio and Northern Light Film

how many minutes is Freddy’s movie

Freddy the movie is 124 minutes

Karthik Aryan’s acting

Karthik Aryan has done an amazing job in this Freddy Download film. A boy who is afraid to even tell his name in front of girls. This role has been playing very well. After watching this film, you will feel that Karthik Aryan can do not only comedy films but also such films.

Alaya Furniturewala has also done a great job in the film. The way his character changes colour is quite shocking. This film can also be called one of the best films for Alia. Overall, Karthik and Alaya have given their best performance in this Freddy Download film.

There are many such scenes in this film which scare you, surprise you and its story goes quite different from your expectation.

Lack of film

The story of the bone is based on a doctor who is living in the sorrow and loneliness of his past. The film looks good in the beginning, but later the pace of the film increases very slowly. The fear was created through the teaser trailer of the film. The biggest drawback of this film is what happened in Freddy Download past in this film, why does he assume alone and what is his problem?

Freddy film direction

Freddy Download film has been directed by Shashank Ghosh, in this film, Shashank Ghosh has tried to show every scene closely. Be it an accident scene or something else. All the scenes have been shown very well. The way in which Shashank Ghosh is known for their excellent direction, and he has done that work well in this film.

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